Sunday, October 30, 2016


HAPPY HALLOWEEN planet Earth. What is it about horror that attracts us all. The interest in the genre is so widespread now you almost can't propose a film or TV project without a vampire, zombie, alien or creature as the focus. Perhaps its the pure simplicity of it all. Vampires are cool, powerful but, oh bother, they live forever and become bored and lonely. Zombies are brain eaters and so are the TVs people watch them on so there is that. Aliens are just our fear that we might actually be the smartest creatures in the galaxy and that is depressing on so many levels we just must create more of them, ever searching for a creature who is not only capable of consuming us but perhaps evolving us into thinking beings. Here's to keeping the blood flowing and the ghouls churling and the ticket sales growing. #lightning

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Comico Presents CHAPTER 4

Comico Presents CHAPTER 4

#Manga #BKK #Comico#Deathstick #ไม้แห่งความตาย #การ์ตูน #ผจญภัย #หนุ่มหล่อ #สาวเซ็กซี่

What if you were promised the power to rule worlds or never feel fear again?

Chet has been given this offer and now it's time for him to decide.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Comico Honors the King


Comico has kindly offered us a chapter to honor the King.

Art by Alberto Verdejo.

Thailand is in MOURNING #kingofkings

Thailand, my home for the past 13 years, is now in mourning. For those outside of the Kingdom it is very difficult to explain the hope, inspiration and love our King provided. He was a spiritual leader who offered, not only words of wisdom to the people, but a model way of living a life. He was practical, frugal, patient and serious about his people's future and safety. His concepts of self sustaining lifestyles were so unique in an era of excess and flash.

Many people are putting up their favorite photos of the King and for me, as an American, this photo was always one of my favorites. Here he is seen visiting with Elvis. The King was a musician and a lover of music.

There will be sad days to come in the Kingdom, but I do believe all of his efforts will not be in vain. He has planted seeds of hope and direction that permeate the society of Thailand and offer everyone an example of how to live a good life full of happiness and joy.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chapter 4 part 10 of THE ASTROPATHS #manga #anime #comic #fantasy

Comico Presents Chapter 3 of THE WORLD OF THE DEATHSTICK


Click through and enjoy the WORLD of the DEATHSTICK in THAI language. In Chapter 3 we see our boys grow in their knowledge of their new world of VUAN. Join us and FOLLOW us to enjoy the story.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

COMICO Thailand presents WORLD OF THE DEATHSTICK Chapter 2


Come see our COMIC in Thai language on COMICO. The graphics are great for the phone or pad. ENJOY and please support us by following us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


COMICO #ไม้แห่งความตาย #การ์ตูน #ผจญภัย #หนุ่มหล่อ #สาวเซ็กซี่

Join my story World of the Deathstick, translated in Thai on COMICO. JOIN and FOLLOW!

Haiku You

Haiku 4 YOU.

I don't claim to be any good at Haiku, but I do think it is vital that we occasionally ask ourselves to do something we are not particularly good at, if nothing else to humble ourselves. So please, if you would care to comment you must also use Haiku or forever remain SILENT.

My Rainy Season
spirit rides falling raindrops
fearlessly splashing

Her fucking lies always
incinerate our pleasures
to an ash of gray

Your father is poor
Statistics say you will be
Sucks to be you dude

So if you are feeling CREATIVE, try some Haiku, and perhaps you can play with the final line of my last one: SUCKS TO BE YOU DUDE, because that can offer some real interesting lead ins. But feel free to play off any of the lines.

Friday, October 7, 2016



It would be joyous to announce that my wealth has grown so much that the money clip which holds all of my cash has BURST from the pressure of my mushrooming stash -- truly it would be -- of course money clips usually break from being pressed inward to hold far too few bills.
But when money clips break, God provides a paper clip -- a green one no less -- although in Bangkok the bill of choice is WHITE.  And actually there are no green bills at all. That's not it, that's not it at all. Sorry reading T.S. Eliot with my students.

It's a sad day because a favorite student gave me this money clip 3 years ago and it's a reminder of the fragility of all things. In life we have only what is within us, because let's face it, everything has an expiration date. These aren't the cheeriest things to hear on a Friday, Christ the #Millennials may weep into their ever present Cel screen and have memories of a day their battery didn't charge or their emoji account ran out of credits or their button finger errant send that link to Jenny instead of Samantha or Lashan.

Point is, in the 20's we weren't supposed to cry over spilt milk. In the 50's we were Rebels without causes.  In the 80's we weren't supposed to let our parent's destroy our dreams or keep us from dancing. And now in this age of bug-eyed zombie walkers,  treading in a continuous mindless trance their minds wrapped within their mobile phone, they will simply say, 'you don't get it.' But perhaps Cheap Trick was right after all. 'We're all all right. We're all all right.'

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Starbucks Sucks BUT

Starbucks SUCKS, that goes without saying, the over priced self proclaimed kings of coffee have always reminded me of the evil empire that dictates what coffee is priced around the city and what is the standard for coffee quality. Living in Bangkok it's even worse, the cost allows the hi-so or want-to-be hi-so to show their latest name-brand bag or shoes to the other social climbers or cling-ons, while everyone else walks by the windows of the shop thinking to themselves, 'what is it like in there? What could it be like to spend for a coffee, what we spend for 4 bowls of noodles?' 

But I must say Starbucks travel mugs are amazing. I can't believe how well insulated this thing is. I left my hot coffee in this gifted, nearly re-gifted, mug and six hours later remembered I had coffee in it. That coffee, which trust me I brewed myself at home and did not purchase in an evil witch empowered caffeine dealership, was still HOT. 

So sorry friends what can I say Starbucks mugs, a favorite of my students gifts to me and my re-gifts to everyone, will probably be kept now. Who doesn't need something that keeps things hot and cold. #Starbuckssucks #Coffee #Bangkok #cafeine #Working