Friday, August 22, 2008

We never Talk anymore

Sound and vision create a bit of a mood video. A struggle between friends. A masterpiece in the background, created by David Bowie. One tornado of energy and one waterfall of power. Yet still, in the end, friends!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bangkok Rain

Bangkok rains are hard and relentless. The street flooding is dangerous; however, a lot of fun to go driving around in. Whats a little rain without massive splashing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The King is Naked

  I’m about ready to rant… Okay, so this is the thing. I’m sick and tired of name brands and labeling, packaging and marketing, spin and branding. In Bangkok today and sadly I would guess all over the world, the independent craftsman or restaurateur is disappearing at an alarming rate and being replaced by corporate foods and designer rehashing of all the same old fashions. Honestly I knew the sickness was spreading out of control when someone decided that the ugly brown and gold of LV was beautiful. Please, just throw the golden LV on a shit-brown purse or pair of shoes and girls will swoon. “Oh honey, I wish I could have a Louis Vuitton. It is so beautiful; it is such a remarkable color and design.”

I got to say I’m scratching my head here, am I the ONLY person on the planet that realizes LV, crafted in their ‘oh so tediously recognizable’ shit-brown color, is hideously dreadful? I’m not saying we should judge all things by its visual qualities, perhaps these LV bags have sturdy zippers or thread woven from the virgin butts of Martian worms or something, but the point is quality or not they are putrid pieces of rubbish to look at. 

   Come on planet Earth, put something on that looks good on you. I’ll let you in on a little secret; the factories in Asia which are cranking these products out are also making the cheep stuff sold at half the price. “Oh Sim, no there are made from a better quality of leather.” “What kind of cow is higher quality? Is this a cow that studied at Stanford or something instead of City College?” 
Here is my advice, tear those labels off. Wear something that looks good. Take the difference between the ugly stuff you were going to buy and the cheap stuff I’m recommending, and DONATE that money to , which is struggling to survive. My staff hasn’t been paid in months. I'm guessing LV doesn't need your money.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Husker Glory years and New Beginnings

It's August and College football camps have opened all over the USA. In honesty, I love my life here in Thailand, but there is nothing like a fall chill in the air and the smell of freshly cut football grass. I get homesick one time of year, and that is when the leaves begin to turn, the pads begin to pop, and the polls spur the only worth while discussion in America: WHO IS NUMBER 1?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Beware of the day the SUN goes away

WOW, August is coming in with a magical solar eclipse. This of course happens when the Gods of the ancient world have not been appeased by blood. It is important for people in Canada and norther regions of Russia and China, to quickly sacrifice an oxen or sheep in order to protect their village from this horrible event. Please check the video by National Geographic for more information, but don't take too long, as we all know if the sun leaves our planet we will all be FROZEN in seconds. Don't be responsible for such a disaster. KILL SOMETHING NOW!