Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prepare for Alians

Recently my life partner Nan and I revised our alien code. We have had a code since watching a few alien movies, and discussing the fact that if an alien invaded one of our bodies we would need a method of discovering the truth.

Now of course aliens take over people probably fairly regularly, but how can we know. It is my theory that they come into us, we act really really strange, but before they can be detected they depart. I have seen this or at least suspected it many times with women I've known during my life. They can be literally a different person for a few days, often not a person I can either understand nor dare too as they can often be very scary during this possible alien possession, and then back to normal just as suddenly.

Now we must be prepared. So Nan and I have developed a code. It is a three step code, which of course I can't tell you, who knows who is monitoring my blog. But I can tell you our old code. That one was "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "No, break up Christmas." Now this is an inside joke between us, but the point is, you need -- as a couple -- to come up with a code that only you and your life partner know. And then of course, don't tell anyone. Then the next time your loved one is acting strangely not themselves, ask for the code.

My philosophy is better safe than sorry! And when I say sorry I mean like a rubber snake like thing with fangs popping out of your stomach. OUCH!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

River Giants in the Mekong River

Photos stolen from National Geographic:
The city of Bangkok brags a massive river known as the Mekong. These river giants are the largest freshwater stingrays in the world. A stingray one tenth the size of these killed Steve Irwin with one freakish strike. Imagine the stinger on these babies.
What is very interesting is that Thai people not only boat, fish, and wash their clothes in this river, but they also swim in it -- especially once you get out of Bangkok in the rural areas it is common to see children frolicking in the murky waters of this mighty river.
I will say this, I will no longer go swimming in the Mekong. Of course maybe I would go jet skiing. Jet skiing with these giant ramps floating around could be awesome, I mean if you could catch one just right you could get some major lift. These creatures also mean that if you mess up and crash you could have a serious penalty.
One final thing about the Mekong, it also brags many other giant fish and in fact has the largest freshwater fish in the world. I always assumed the Amazon did, but even though the Amazon is much larger, it doesn't have the big giants like our Mekong.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar police block aid workers, food piles up

Earlier this year I did a couple of articles about the horror show which is Myanmar. The nation is completely crippled by a corrupt and extremely violent dictatorship known as the Junta government. When rich nations are hit by natural disasters, i.e. the US, chaos can accrue. Yet when natural disasters strike a nation like Myanmar it's not chaotic, it's a systematic genocide. The privileged over there are about to get new privileges in the form of aid relief donations. They are not only blocking aid from coming in from foreign nations or switching the labels on the aid to say the names of generals in order to win favor with the people they are oppressing, but in many cases they are simply stealing the goods and stockpiling them for their private armies.
I am never in favor of the US getting militarily involved in nations outside of their borders, but I am happy to report that the US is the leading nation in pressuring this self appointed government into making change. China and India, on the other hand, are acting negligently and must be seen as a big part of the problem in this 3rd world nation. China has so much influence in their neighbor country that they could easily put an end to the Junta with pressure or just a lack of support, but China says this is an Myanmar internal issue -- so then stop doing so much business and trade with this government.
The world has put blinders on when it comes to this nation for long enough. I am happy to see the US responding to this issue with serious diligence and some real diplomacy. We need other wealthy nations to get on board. They want freedom to vote, they want to form a government that is absent of military tyranny. We don't need to fight their battle for them, but we must try to find ways to help their cause.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot Babes Vegas Delivery

Just a last thought about my time back in the USA. I am still considering publishing the toroid sex tales of our host's household pet, but while I was going through some of my photos I came across this random shot we took on the Vegas strip. Time after time, when I tell people I live in Bangkok I get this kind of smirking grin from them. "Bangkok, right," they might say. "I hear it's pretty wild over there." Now I'm not going to say that we don't have a red light district that would rival any major city in the world -- we do, but it is such a small part of the life here that it seldom comes into my thoughts. First of all, our prostitute area is basically down town. Now like most big cities down town is a terrible place to try to get in and out of by car, therefor I seldom venture down there. It is great that our tourists have a place to find the kind of nightlife entertainment they are looking for and it is all right there surrounding the hotels that they frequent. It really has been the tourist industry that loured the prostitutes here. By the way, it's not just Thai girls working down there. The largest growing group of women working the sex for sale zone is Russian, followed of course by Burmese, and Cambodian. Where tourists are throwing money around to have a good time you will usually find 3 things: prostitutes, alcohol, and gambling. Actually Bangkok only has 2 of the 3 vices offered.

So what am I rambling about? Well here's the thing. In truth Bangkok is a very tame city over all. Certainly there are massage parlors, men's spas, and hair cut places that offer sex for cash. In the suburbs, where I live and work, these places are available but they are so woven into the fabric of the city that you -- unless you are looking for them -- won't notice them. Now down town is different, giant massage parlors, discos, strip bars, and very overt prostitution is a bit jarring when you first see it. But in truth Las Vegas Nevada has prostitution down to such a science that it is literally served up to you right at your hotel room.

If you look at the photo from above it basically is saying hot babes sent directly to you. Now we can all wink at each other and say, so a little strip tease in your room -- harmless. But of course everyone knows the strip is just the initial service. All other services cost a lot more and will be negotiated once the performer is in the room. If you have ever walked on the strip in Vegas you will no doubt have been handed a card with photos of beautiful call girls who are also available direct to your door.

I know Bangkok has prostitution, but it's just so distant to those of us who live and work here. I just want people in the US to remember they also have sex for cash in their own country. Hey, what tourists on vacation from their job with the man want to spend their money on is their business. I could care less. I guess I just get a little touchy about the idea that Bangkok Thailand is some kind of morally bankrupt city of sin. If you want to see the other side of life in Thailand, check out ECHO POOL, a novel I wrote with no bar girls or prostitutes in it.