Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video from Pat and Poom's Day

I would like to apologize for not capturing more of the wedding on video. I really was having too much fun to be a good photographer. I only did the chanting with the monks and the short parade, but of course at Thai weddings there are many events that are done. My favorite is the BED CEREMONY, where elder members of the party show the young couple just how it is done. It is a lot of fun. Sadly, at this wedding, they stopped after the poring of the water from the shell to bless the bride and groom. Too bad really, I'm getting old enough that I could have been of some assistance in the bed ceremony. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pat and Poom Wedding Part 1

Saturday February 20th, in the month of love, two of my closest friends in Bangkok decided to make it official and get married. We have all known, for a long time, that this union would be a special one. The wedding was held at an amazing Thai traditional venue and the feeling of love filled the air. Both Pat and Poom are very social people by both nature and occupation, so it was not surprising the guests were numerous and lively. Of course, when you offer an open bar with Jack Daniels, vodka and red wine, you will certainly draw a crowd. But truthfully, everyone was there to support and celebrate with this lovely couple. I have spent the last 8 New Years Eves with Pat and the last 4 with Poom, it is one of my favorite traditions. Now I'm excited that we have an anniversary to celebrate as well. I'll put together some video to follow in the coming days. Congratulations to Poom and Pat!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Photos of 2010

These are some random photos from the 2010 thus far. Life has been busy with friends , visitors and local travel.

2010 Too Much Happening

Well in truth it has been a crazy start to 2010. By the way happy New Year to all my Chinese Friends. I really have not made time to blog or update this blog over the last few months and part of the reason is a lack of motivation coupled with a lack of feedback on most of the things I post. If you have any reaction to any of my dribble, please comment and perhaps I'll get a bit more interested to cover the news of Thailand and my X-Pat experience. 

I must say that 2010 is off to a very good start. I have been meeting a lot with people in the Thai film industry and enjoying connecting with fellow film enthusiasts. Of course they come from the perspective of making films and I come from the perspective of studying and teaching film. Still they are very respectful and curious about the film world outside of Thailand. I am learning a lot about the way film is made here in Bangkok. I must say, it is very exciting world. 

So currently I am working with an outstanding director, stunt coordinator, writer, and producer by the name of Panna.  if you would like to take a look at his amazing occomplishments. 

His best attribute is developing talent in the world of martial arts action stars. Currently he has two of the best in Asia in Tony Jaa and Jeeja. I'll post some videos of these two later. 

So for anybody who is out there reading I'll try to get a bit more connected to the internet and throw a few more Thai bits of news up. 

HAPPY 2010 and Happy year of the TIGER