Friday, September 28, 2007

Burmese courage DESERVES BETTER

The people of Burma have been living with oppression for so long the world around them have just become accustom to the brutality and totalitarian control which they have had to endure. Once again the people are taking to the streets, peacefully, to protest the imprisonment of their elected official and the military control. For nearly 30 years this proud nation has been dragged into a third world existence by the horrific atrocities of it's military government. At times, the west and UN take notice and reprimand the leaders with minor sanctions or harsh words. But NOTHING is being done.
Monks are leading, but they are dieing without even fighting back. These Buddhists monks can not fight, it goes against everything they believe in. They know that they risk being tortured and murdered for standing up against the criminal and brutal leadership which controls them. Still they fight! They fight with prayers, with their courage to stand up and walk through the streets and show the world that they want change. WE DO NOTHING!
If the UN drums up support Russia and China quickly tell the world that this is an internal struggle and these people must sort it out themselves. Internal, allow me to explain, internal in this case mans that China gets their oil from pipelines set up to travel through this country. So China, if you want to play stand by and hands off, let me just say WE (the people of the planet with enough money to pay for things) just might have a STAND OFF policy for your Olympic games! China has the ability to make changes in Burma, but they refuse! So in refusing to save lives and make a difference I say they are a part of the problem.
The entire world needs to do its part to help these citizens find free and safe elections and restore rightful leadership to the nation, but honestly, most of the UN seems to understand that -- China, you need to look at where your leadership just might take you.

LEFT WE SEE GENERALThan Shwe who has ordered the deaths of many of the peaceful protesters. He has, as of today, authorized a more aggressive crack down on any and all protesters. In other words, protesters will be massacred if they show up in the streets again. Things are going to get ugly.

I wish I was a PAINTER like Vincent Van Gogh

Every writer wishes he was a painter or musician. Our art lies mutely in black on white. Our craft is silent, incapable of screaming or crescendo. It is visually discreet. Our audience does not simply proclaim, with little more than a glance, “hmmm… Well I don’t know what it is or what it is trying to say, but it’s beautiful, magnificent really. I know just the sport in the den for this piece.”
Or, “The band can really wale, let’s pick up their CD and play it this weekend for the barbeque.”
Words on a page, or rather the worlds being created via those words, are only as accessible as the minds trained upon them. In essence without readers who have the skills to comprehend the vernacular, the intention, the intonations, they are nothing more than ink on a page.
Paintings get a double take, admiration for hours by educated and novice alike. Musicians can turn up the amplifiers and make their point with volume. They get noticed, they get felt, and their art spills out there into the world by means which capture their audience.
For writers, we have nothing without READERS. The world needs more of them.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last chance for $15 price

I have 5 books left of the original shipment we sent to the United states. I feel bad about this, but the price is going to have to be raised to deal with the ever falling US dollar. When people pay me with their dollars, it doesn't cover the shipping costs from Thailand anymore. I will hold this price for just the next 5 books, and then I will have to raise the price a dollar or two to cover the shipping charges. I am sure most people who wanted the book have got it by now, but if not, act now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It is with great pleasure that I announce that ECHO POOL has been appearing in one of my favorite book stores B2S. This is a fast growing chain of media outlets which is in a lot of my favorite places to hang out. First they are in Central Lad Proa, a place where I really enjoy going for lunch as it is close to my work. But they are also just down stairs from the ice skating rink at the new Esplanade (not sure of the spelling) which is very cool because the Coffee World there has FREE WIRELESS INTERNET. A basic requirement for me to visit any coffee shop.
B2S has 100 store and magazine corners in Bangkok and upcountry, with formats matched to markets and locations. The brand's slogan, "Enjoy your life, brighten your mind", sums up its diverse mix of publications, writing materials and entertainment media.
By far their best book store though is in CENTRAL WORLD in what used to be the old WORLD TRADE CENTER. This book store will rival even the mighty Kinokuniya book stores of Emporium and Paragon. Check it out! Need to know more about the B2S chain, click on their web link above and see where you can find them.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Hey Husker fans, you just witnessed a record setting day on offense from our quarterback. 438 passing yards in a game. How about 322 passing yards in a half. AIR HUSKERS!

So, why do I feel like I just looked into the crystal ball and saw the grim reaper laughing at me? We scored 41 points, and had over 500 yards of total offense. WOW. Could it be, and I'm just guessing here, but the fact that BALL STATE, a team I don't even know if I could find on a map, scored 40?

Fans of the red army, we are in for a DARK SEASON when it comes to our beloved BLACK SHIRTS. The booing at the stadium shows a real lack of class, but I know if I see a horror show I SCREAM!

Imagine what TEXAS or God forbid OU will do to our defense this year if Balls to the wall Ball state can score 40. 3-1, and I think about to have a MELT DOWN.

Perhaps my Nebraska friends, it is time for you to buy a copy of ECHO POOL and curl up with a good book. One that flashes back to a time when Nebraska football meant DOMINATION!

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! OFFENSE LOOKS COOL! Find us some PETER brothers, jailed or not, and bring back our BLACK SHIRT PRIDE!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bangkok Subway

Um... I think that it is rather presumptuous of the Thai Transportation Authority to make the assumption that Sue, despite the fact that she may be the easiest girl in Bangkok, can be so rudely referenced by the Bangkok Subway. If you were SUE, would you really want the entire subway commuter group to know by simply following the blue arrow you can be assured of receiving her carnal treasure. Either way I must admit, it is the most photographed sign beneath the streets of Bangkok.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A bit of Grand Palace Magic

These guys reside at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is a magical place and I hadn't been there in years. The one thing I love about having friends or family in town is that you find yourself going to see things that you have taken for granted for ages. Thailand really is a cultural treasure, and at shipwreck prices.

I have a great deal of pleasure showing off the cultural arts of Thailand whenever anyone from the West comes here. It is so foreign to them that their reaction some how sparks my own memories of experiencing it for the first time. It's sort of like I steel their excitement and remember my own.
On days like that I try hard not to swear as much at Taxis, idiot Mercedes drivers, or curse the incessant HEAT.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Launching of ECHO POOL web site

I am LOVING the feedback. If those of you who have read ECHO POOL wouldn't mind going to the Echo Pool website and giving me feedback I would really appreciate it.

This new website can be reached by simply clicking on the TITLE above.

It has been inspiring to hear what Echo Pool has meant to people. In fact, as a writer, perhaps there is nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you what they felt or though about when they were reading your book.

Still haven't bought one? In Bangkok we are getting in almost everywhere now, except Asia Books for some reason, but B2S, Bookazine, Book Garden, and coming in this week KINOKUNIYA should have us in.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Book Garden Release Party

Nikki Red Hot Redington Rocks
Two lovely guests. Congratulations Savie, your book release will be next!

Pat and Poom are always SMILING!

Above is Nikki, Ron, and Carla, and of course Bennie the Book Garden mascot and to date my SMALLEST fan.

Left, Speedy Actor steeling the photo with those cool actor looks. I need to hang out with less attractive friends.

Beneath is Austin Bush, a super talented writer and photographer who is currently working for LONELY PLANET. His photographs can be seen on his amazing website which you can click through to along the side. Austin Bush Photography along the right column. Behind us our two of my Chinese guests and former students. I'll miss them as they are heading back to China very soon.

My over all feeling after the book launch was that of friendship. Truthfully, this book is about family and friends. There isn't a chapter in this piece that would have been possible without the support and friendship that I have enjoyed my entire life. From America to Thailand, Thailand to China, I've been blessed with some great friends and don't worry, if you weren't in this book -- YOU PROBABLY WILL BE IN THE NEXT ONE!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Safari World Bangkok

I just love a day at the zoo. Just edited these images with a bit of music and here's what we have. Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


One hour before the guests.

The Book Signing at BOOK GARDEN last week was a great success. Lots of good friends and very tasty cake and cheap wine. Over all it was a fun way to launch and hopefully bring some good luck to my new book ECHO POOL. I sort of feel like now, since people are out there reading it and sending me comments and reports of their impressions, that it is truly finished! It has been a labor of love, especially because so much of the book is autobiographical, and now I feel energized to move on to other writing projects with full focus!

I am setting up a website which will allow people to give feedback and sort of chat about the book. I'd really love for people to write in and tell me what they thought and then I'll post those comments so others can argue, disagree, or whatever...

Still haven't bought the book which is creating scandal on 2 continents? Push the button bellow and BUY NOW!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nikki Rock and Roll Redington rocks Bangkok

Nikki Red Hot Rock and Roll Redington! A live performance at the BOOK GARDEN on Sena here in the city of Bangkok. It was the ECHO POOL launch party and once she had sung my book's release was sort of secondary. It was awesome!
Still need ECHO POOL? Click on the button:

Monday, September 3, 2007

Giraffes Are Lady Magnets!

Giraffes are kind of cool. Bangkok has a very nice zoo by the name of Safari World! While visiting this place I noticed that women really like Giraffes! I mean they lined up to feed them vegetables and I thought, "well these animals are kind of cool, but smelly." It was odd, but these women were lining up to see the giraffes by the droves. Women dig giraffes and I would dare say that I am not really sure why? Please take a look at the photos beneath to draw your own conclusions. Is it because they are cute and adorable, or is it ... something else?

MAYBE IT COULD BE? WELL LADIES, write in to let me know? I'm just curious?