Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#malllife #Thailand #BKK It's always cool in a Thai mall

I'm not sure what mall life is like in most countries, but in Thailand it is a culture of indulgence, beauty, socializing, business meeting, time killing, fine dining, easy dining, exercise, movie watching, dog walking, coffee drinking and well everything to put a smile on patrons faces and a fortune in the pockets of the stockholders of these establishments.

Bangkok malls are massive. A standard size would be four floors, although many have six, and they usually stretch for blocks and blocks.

When you go to the mall expect to be stared at if you don't dress up a little. Thai women might spend more time getting ready to go to the mall than they would getting ready to go to work. Thai men also dress to impress, especially in the posh malls like Festival Eastville.

As an American I know malls are a place you buy things and get out, but in fact in Thailand most people enjoy spending their time there in free air-conditioned luxury and either buying stuff or spending time. If you're visiting Thailand give yourself a day to visit our amazing malls!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#COMICO presents #Chapter 10 #deathstick #Thailand #มังงะ #เซ็กซี่

Jealousy between beauties. The tension is rising in the village of the TREE-PEOPLE. Come visit COMICO and enjoy the entire comic for FREE.

Friday, March 3, 2017


I can hardly defend Thai films, although of course they have had some gems, but Thai commercials are amazing. They are powerfully inspiring and usually focus on social cohesiveness. Enjoy this piece and see what I mean. Sorry the English subtitles are a bit light, but I think the images and musical score says it all.

Monday, February 27, 2017


THIS place is one of WONDER and MYTH. 7 planets circle a small sun so close together that while standing on any of them it would be possible to see the other 6 in the evening sky. These planets are so close to each other that even with our current space travel ability we could move between planets in days instead of the months and months it takes for us to travel from planet to planet in our solar system.



Some gambling luck and a ship fight highlights chapter 9 for the boys.  Also we find one of our Italian models has found a new home and is doing just fine!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been a Nuggets fan since my undergraduates days at METROPOLITAN STATE in DENVER. In those days I'd finish classes and, killing time before time to go to my night job at the Embassy Suites, I'd slip over to old McNichols arena and purchase an 8 dollar ticket and often you could even wander in and watch a bit of Doug Moe's practices. Alex English and Fat Lever thrilled us all while wearing arguable the most hideously memorable jerseys of all time. Even when Dikembe Mutombo donned that rainbow skyline it was anything but alluring, but so  extraordinary.

But let's face it, other than upsetting Seattle  when we were an 8 seed and they were a 1 in the playoffs, we Nuggets faithful have suffered through mediocrity and an over all  sense of futility. We have never won an NBA title and often our best players depart at the peak of their talent. No I don't mean Mellow -- Oh come on of course I mean Mellow.

But from a season of extremely LOW expectations and a feeling of basic futility to the super teams of Golden State, San Antonio, Houston, Utah or the Clippers, there has come a glimmer of hope. Smiling like a kid on Christmas morning, the JOKER is rising and bringing his teammates and fans with him on this journey,

Welcome Nikola Jokic to DENVER!  Let's see where this will go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bangkok POPULATION #people #Thai #travel #city #urban #street #Asia #BKK

LOOK at this majestic photo I stole from Asia Web Direct. It displays the sprawl of Bangkok by night, but shows none of it's people. So the first thing people want to know when I tell them I live in Bangkok is usually WHY? But their next question is often, 'how big is Bangkok?'

So to answer this you must first understand that their are people seemingly everywhere in this city. If you live in Bangkok a test of this is simply, when you're out in public, stop for a moment and see how long it takes for someone to either walk into you as they finger at their mobile phone or deftly dodge around you as they finger at their mobile phone. Even in the suburban area where I live -- considered by many of my Farang friends to be the middle of nowhere -- chances are only seconds are going to elapse.

If you are a more mathematical person here are some numbers. In 2016 8.2 million people are registered in Bangkok, but the fun part of that is that during a work day the surrounding areas nearly double that number as their work force swarm these towers of commerce swelling the population to an estimated 15 million people. Believe me, if you've ever sat in Sukhamvit traffic you have no doubt that these numbers are accurate. More than 7 million people commuting through a city during a work day may seem impossible and at times it is.

How diverse is Bangkok? One of the reasons foreigners like myself love it here is the cosmopolitan feel of the city. Dominant languages spoken in the city would be Thai (of course), English, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Dutch and Japanese. Of course you'll hear may others, but these -- while journeying on the sky train -- would be common.

If you love the city life, Bangkok is one of the jewels of South East Asia. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you might want to look elsewhere for your next holiday.

Friday, February 10, 2017

ADVICE for THOSE WHO WANT #love #friends #sex

 So my advice for those of you who are really truly looking for love is going to make some of you unhappy--oh hell it's going to make all of you unhappy--but wait on sex. Why would any adult in the year 2017 wait on anything, let alone sex? Simply put the physical act of sexual intercourse can create a metaphysical reaction that opens a star-gate of potential  alternatives in our lives. No idiot, I'm not talking about just sex with strangers or established friends. I'm talking about sex with someone you could in fact, if the moon and Jupiter align, find love with.

 He's no wizard he's a puritan.

Look, sex is not love and love is not sex, but  good sex can feel like love and even worse great sex can breed obsession which is a cousin to love but a distant cousin believe me. Everyone chuckles to themselves that sex is no big deal, it's a physical act. I'll argue this. A. You aren't doing it right. B. You haven't done it right yet. C. Someday when you do it right you'll see I was right all along.

'But I've had great sex with strangers.' Of course you have, you had no consequences or emotion it was a purely physical act. But my advice is not for anyone practicing commitment free sexual activity, swipe left hook ups or orgies or whatever. I'm trying to advise those actually searching for a lover. Lover in the truest sense of caring and sharing love, both physically and emotionally together.

Here is the thing. You've got feelings for someone and you want to explore them more deeply. Sex is sure to follow. But what if the sex is BAD? Are you guys done? Actually usually bad sex leads to break ups. It's like eating cake filled with mold. Sex is the treat couples look forward to, and if that is rotten what else do they have?

So here is why you wait a while. Friendship. Friendship can create a second or third or even fourth chance for bad sex to be corrected. If you know the person your dating was awesome before you became sexual you know they are still awesome. Maybe the sex can improve. Not maybe, all sex can improve with trust and communication. Now let's hope the sex is good and then another piece of the relationship puzzle snaps into place.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

NATIONAL SIGNING DAY #football #NCAA #signingday #HUSKERS #cornnation

People make too big a God Damn deal about recruiting. College football fans have just experienced the NIGHT CLUB effect of the fanning process. National signing day #signingday, which was a few days ago, always reminds me of evenings out chasing female companionship. The days leading up to the night chatter among myself and my chums was as optimistic and lusty a Penthouse forum. Dreams of 5 star babes stepping off a bachelorette party bus dressed in their hottest ‘God why can’t it be me’ outfits streaming into the club – empty except for you and your friends (of course) – seemed not only possible but a forgone expectation of the night. #dreamon
Then the night begins. The female friend from work who was bringing her cousins, who’d just graduated from university (from a sorority of course), cancels first. You do have the club to yourself, but that’s just because you arrived no less than 2 hours early. There are some girls there. Some of the girls there are attractive; they are 3 star early evening girls who make the night sufficiently bearable. But of course the 4 star girls have to make a big show of their commitment to the club, after all they could have gone to 8 or 9 different clubs so why would they just walk into the one you chose, adore, and support with all your heart and soul? But they do come, and the night takes on a euphoric aura of invincibility. No wonder why you love this club EVERYONE loves it and is arriving to make it a better place transforming your beloved club into a mega club through their dedication and hard work. But, and this is where the night gets foggy, then some 5 star mega beauty, an angelic creature of mythical caliber that eclipses all the other girls already committed to the club, places her hand upon the door of our chosen club, but then moves along to another location all together.  ‘Disloyal bitch,’ you mutter. ‘We didn’t want them in our club anyway,’ your idiot friend barks trying to once again view the 4 star girls as goddesses, despite the fact they couldn’t poor the wine for the true magnificent deity that elected not to come in.
Think I’m going over board? Ask any university football fan about signing day and I’m willing to wager the first thing they will say is it was good and then they’ll follow that up with BUT there were some 5 stars that slipped away that would have really made it SPECIAL.

People make too big a God Damn deal about recruiting.

Monday, February 6, 2017

COMICO presents World of the Deathstick Chapter 8 #magic #มังงะ #มายากล


The siege on the mountain city is in full effect. Our heroes flee beneath the city into the caves and must fight to protect the children.

And MAGIC has attracted CHET to the island of Magic where his fate will change forever.

Comico is always free! Come and enjoy.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


TOP FIVE things I've noticed since President Trump has taken office. #5 Things are happening fast. Love him or hate him, but another bill is being signed every day and they are pretty much what he'd promised in his campaign. #4 The world is in shock. Living outside the USA as I do, hardly a day goes by that I don't hear the name Trump mentioned by people that truly have nothing to gain or lose from this president's policies. The world is so uncertain, the old WILD CARD scenario is in play here. Not sure if that will be good or bad, but nobody seems to know what to make of a president whose TV shows are hilarious and on most people's cable package reruns every night. Is this real or is this entertainment. Hey, it's America, nothings real and absolutely nothing is entertaining anymore. #3 Americans are talking about politics. I have never been interested in the political comings and goings of my birth nation or any nation for that matter. But now, people are talking.  Truthfully I look at this differently and far too pessimistically as I actually don't believe anything ever changes. Big business is directing a global economy and leaders in nations don't dare cross them for fear of job layoffs or pipeline closings of oil or factory relocation, all of witch put politicians out of work quick. News channels that direct the public opinion are owned by these companies and sometimes by the politicians. The masses grumble about this or that, but while they protest in the streets or complain at the dinner table, what's really going on is far more insidious. The world is being terraformed, it's resources destroyed, it's people--desperate to keep their family in food and clothing--vote to chase any hope for a leader who will at least protect their job. #2 America can not in anyway or by any stretch of the imagination, hide the drastic divisions which exist in the country. I've never seen such hostility from one side and such admiration and celebration by another. It's sad to see these divisions so ostentatiously brought to light; however, as an American I've always known they were there and always hoped for generations to lessen these as our children's wisdom should undo our grandparent's ignorance. My ignorance was believing the next generation wouldn't just look at us for guidance. OOPS, we did it again. And the #1 thing I've noticed since President Trump has taken office is that his wife is really HOT.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Well let's give respect where respect is do. The English have achieved the top spot in this years WORLD university rankings. Oxford is never far from the top, but at times the upstart Americans manage to thrust either Cal. Tech. or Harvard or Yale up above the pinnacle of British education. So here is the top 10 in descending order. Oxford, Cal. Tech., Stanford, Cambridge, M.I.T., Harvard, Princeton, Imperial College of London, Swiss fed. institute of Tech. Zurich, and Berkeley in a tie with Chicago U. Notable absence is Yale and U. of Penn, who often crack this list but not this year. Notable RISE would be U.C.L.A. who are the highest I've ever seen them at 14th in the world.
Americans best bet to return to the top in 2018 would have to be Cal. Tech. as they were just edged out by their British competitor this year.

Sadly for the nation of Thailand they have only 1 school cracking the top 600 finding itself in the general ranking of 500-600 best, and this of course is MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY. It is very disappointing considering a nation as small as Singapore has 2 in the top 55. So why is a nation as wealthy and globally integrated as Thailand bragging only 1 university in the top 600? I will do a follow up article about this in the coming weeks, but congrats to Mahidol for being the top representative for the Kingdom.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ALBERTO shows us his illustration process #digital #anime #manga #art #illustration #Comico #Thailand go see the final product.