Monday, July 20, 2009

Feed Those Thai Fish

So when it comes time to test the character of someone I like to take them to the river, stick a roll in their mouth, lean them out over the edge of the boat, and let the giant catfish rip the loaf from their mouth. Few have the courage, but this crazy blond American by the name of Laura, was up for the challenge!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Siminoe loves a little KISS

All of us 80's children had one band on our mind when we were kids. The best band in the world, KISS! Enjoy this blast from Rock and Roll Past! And if you know the words, you--my friend--are OLD!

Screen Writing for ALL

Well it is time for a push to action. Movies are a passion of mine. I love to watch them, analise them, talk about them, and especially I enjoy writing my own. If you share this love, I have found a very interesting and FREE site for downloading screen writing software. Good script software is super expensive, so I highly recommend you try Celtx. Click on the title and visit their site. You should feel safe in downloading their program and you will be amazed at how easy writing a movie can. Of course writing a good one is another matter all together.