Thursday, February 28, 2008

Website Created for JOURNEYS of the ASTROPATH as been established to generate a purchasing page and also a page dedicated to the discussion of and development of the Journeys of the Astropath series. On this site I would like to encourage lots of feedback and ideas concerning the characters and story which is currently under development. HAVE AN INFLUENCE! Your comments or ideas could find there way into this novel series. Come take a look at the site, buy the book, read it, and then write some of your ideas to help me create this series.
Click on the title and be taken to the Journeys of the Astropath web page.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


$25 if you still haven't gotten your copy of ECHO POOL and you are ordering THOSE WHO HEAR, this deal will save you $4. Shipping is the most expensive part of our cost on these books, so if you would like both of them we can put them in one envelope and ship them at a reduced price. 2 books and shipping to any place on the planet for just $25. Or if you already have ECHO POOL and you have more than one young adult in your family order 2 copies of THOSE WHO HEAR for just $25. Simply be sure, when you make your payment, to let us know which combination you would like. Thanks for your support.

Those Who Hear abailable at Bangkok Book House

The release of THOSE WHO HEAR is official. Click on the title and leap to Bangkok Book House for direct ordering. The Journeys of the Astopaths has begun! I am excited to announce that we have finally, as it seems we worked on this project for such a long time, that we are in print and available now. Book stores in Asia will have this title soon, but somewhat randomly. If you really want to get a hold of it right away your best bet would be to order from Bangkok Book House direct.
I'll probably get a payment gateway set up on soon. If you have a favorite book store, REQUEST it, DEMAND it, and help me get it ROLLING!

Monday, February 11, 2008


This is almost the cover -- but the color will be different so you'll have to wait a few days.

February 13th is our scheduled release date, although technically the book will not be available in book stores for a few days after this. If anyone is chomping at the bit to get a hold of THOSE WHO HEAR, my fantasy novel, click the title above and place a direct order with Bangkok Book House. The price here in Bangkok is 350 baht and from what I understand shipping in the metro area is very inexpensive. This book is not a serious piece of literature, its a fun action adventure story that launches a series called the Journeys of the Astropaths. In all we have scheduled and I am working on 5 total books. Of course lets wait and see what the reaction to the first one is before we jump the gun.
The opening book is the guide to all of the books to come in that it introduces Cody Gallas and his special powers. If you are a fan of magic, adventure, or simply love books that offer you a chance to root for the underdog, Those Who Hear should be an addition to your book shelf.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The best part of living in Thailand for me is without a doubt the food. I'm not sure if there is any limit to to variety, because each province brags a slightly different variation on all of the standard dishes while also having some which are completely theirs.. As a farang, but one from Western United States, I love my food HOT. One mildly annoying thing is that because of the English who live here and perhaps the Germans, Thais have the idea that anyone who is white can not eat SPICEY food. Nothing could be further from the truth of course. For me, if I'm not sweating bullets and chewing on leaves to relieve the heat, it's not hot enough!
What is really amazing about Thai food as well, is the price. If you eat on the street a standard meal will cost only about $1.00 well $1.60 now that the BUSH ECONOMY has killed the dollar. But, even for nice patio or sort of posh neighborhood places you won't pay more than about $6.00 for great food and atmosphere.
Honestly if I had to pay a lot more Thai food would be a bargain because they have so much to chose from and all of it is tasty. I personally enjoy noodle dishes for the most part, but of course they have rice dishes as well.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Journeys of the Astropaths

These were the rejected covers for Those Who Hear.

A writing project that I have been enjoying working on for the past year is about to finally come to print. The series of books that I have proposed to my publisher, Bangkok Book House, is called Journeys of the Astropaths. It details the life and times of Cody Gallas who has had a childhood marred by tragedy, but finds during these troubles that he has an amazing innate ability. The magic of the series is an anomaly that certain people are born with, a very rare group, which allows their brains to develop at a highly advanced state. They are called astropaths because they have the ability to travel with the use of their mind, communicate telepathically, and read the thoughts of the humans around them. They do have a vulnerability in that while they are traveling outside of their body to anywhere in the world, the body they leave behind is completely defenseless.
So it all will begin on FEBRUARY 13th and I am very excited to enter the world of Young Adult or Fantasy writing. It is such a different project from Echo Pool that I must admit I have no idea what people will say about it. I hope the teens enjoy it and that adults get a few kicks as well.
I will not give away what the cover will look like, but instead will show three of the rejected covers for the book. The publisher has final say in these matters, but Bangkok Book House is very open to the writers helping to design covers and help with the over all image of the books they publish.
COMING SOON is a NEW BLOG DEDICATED TO THE ASTROPATH SERIES, click on the title above and you can see where it will be and the early design.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bandara Resorts

Recently my old friend Aoi got in touch with me asking if I'd like to do some writing for an up and coming resort and spa company. I wasn't sure I could really help in any way, but after meeting with the managment team of BANDARA and getting a tour of their Bangkok location, I really got a nice sense for what this company is looking to do and thought it would be fun to help out. This project for me will be just copy writing, and honestly that's about all I would have time for, but it will give me a chance to watch first hand a business which is about to double its locations and really make itself known in the Asian market. Right now they have 3 locations in Thailand, but soon they are looking at foreign markets in Asia for their expansion. This really will be fun for me. Please check out their lovely website, and if you have some time visit one of their resorts. From all accounts their best location is on the island of Samui, one of Thailands quickest developing islands.