Thursday, March 29, 2012

Journeys of the Astropaths

Michael of the Astropaths.

When Those Who Hear came out I was fortunate enough to get a lot of praise about the book. I also was fortunate enough to get to teach the book at my school Satit Kaset International here in Bangkok. The students gave me an amazing and often times humbling amount of critical suggestions. One thing kept being brought up, "I wish this was a comic or graphic novel."

So at some point about 2 years ago I fell in love with the idea of finding an artists that could bring these ASTROPATH characters to life. 3 artists took a shot at the series and my wallet took a big hit in hiring them. All of them were talented and brought something different to this story. In the end, I hired a Canadian artists, Darlene Nguyen to work with me. We have never met in person, but our consistent chatting on Skype and Gmail have made us creative collaborators and friends.

Problem, friend or not, Darlene is a professional artist who can not work for free; therefor, I needed to hire her to do the work. I've spent a small fortune getting this going, but now we finally have the opening chapter up on KINDLE. My game plan is unique. We will sell the book now, even though it is not finished, so that I can keep paying Darlene. BUT, every time we finish a chapter Kindle will send buyers the link for them to re-download the updated version for FREE. In total there will be 4 long chapters all included in the first book.

It's time to see what people think and I'm extremely excited about that idea. Please join our Astropath FB page and come onto KINDLE and buy the book.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's 2012

I know I know, what happened to the ThaiXpat guy? The flood was his last story and then NOTHING...
Ominous? Creepy? In a film when a character is lost during the title wave of a major flood and the character does not reemerge either suddenly to save the day or floating face down in the murky waves, the FilmaPhiles will all say, "dangler" they completely dropped that character.
It is my love of films which compelled me to at least float by the lens one last time.
No I survived the flood, despite being out of my home for 3 weeks and countless hardships that come from homelessness and so forth. I have long been back in my home and back to work. All is well in the Kingdom of Smiles and I am smiling again.
When I say all is well I mean all is really awesome! 2012 film work is booming with so much action being designed you can smell the testosterone in the air above Bangkok. Spoiler alert, Chocolate 2, Tum Yum Goong 2, and the outside Cinderella story FIGHTING FATE are all in process. Action lovers are going to have a hell of a year.