Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sait Kaset IP CAMP 07

Once a year the Satit Kaset Teachers say goodbye to friends and family and the luxury of Bangkok and take our students to CAMP. It is a challenging experience to say the least as 24 hour exposure to teenagers is an over load for even the most devoted educator. It is fun, but can be a bit much. This year was one of the most rewarding of these journeys. The students we teach are sheltered, spoiled, and for the most part CITY KIDS. They really don't know much about anything beyond shopping malls, sky trains, and their family compounds, so it is fun to see them taken out of their element for a while.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Everyones a CRITIC

Siminoe is in pieces after a negative comment about ECHO POOL.
Well the old saying goes, "Everyone's a critic." I knew while writing ECHO POOL that this book was a bit personal and was a very introspective project. I also purposefully used a literary style in the development of the narrative, which is not exactly popular in the new millennium. So who would have guessed Bangkok Book House would want to publish it. In the end I think it was a good situation for both of us. I have written something different than their usual novels about Sukamvit, sex trade, Russian Mobsters, and burn out SEXPats, and lets face it these are not the only stories to be told in Thailand. But readers who are expecting this from my novel, just because it was published by Bangkok Book House will not get that kind fo thrill from my work.

I bring this up because, since the books release about 3 months ago, I've been really surprised at how positive the feedback has been about the book. People seem to find so much of themselves in the book, especially people from small towns and who have lived in the Kingdom of Thailand for a while.
BUT, of course there will be those who don't like it. So I finally got a negative review of the book and I must say for a few minutes I was really disappointed and felt completely rejected. It is hard to feel, especially perhaps after all the positive strokes and well dones, to feel someone really didn't enjoy the novel.
Anyway, this criticism was written on a chat service called Asia Fiction, which was created to help promote Asian writers like myself. I would really like it if, and yes even if you didn't like the book, people could go onto this site and leave their impressions of my book.
Please click on the title above and visit the site. You will see the negative criticism and you can respond to it. Avenge me! Avenge me! Avenge me!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Cobra and the Origami

It has been said that when two men argue and need to find a physical way of settling their dispute that it is childish. I must disagree. In fact, I believe it is a natural thing for conflict to occur between coworkers and at times it is necessary for these conflicts to be resolved in a physical manner. Childish? NO. Nature, like two tigers clawing at each other over the meet of a slain cow.
So many have asked how the grudge between Ajarn Year and Ajarn Ken began, well it was something like. "You suck at that," A said and then B said, "well but I'm better than you." "Well but your only better than me at that." "No, I'm better than you at lots of things." "No your not." "Yes I am." "No your not." "Yes I am."
And so the calm cool headed guy in the room suggested a test of strength and stamina to settle the dispute. 10 laps around the track should decide who has some willpower. So the two decided to get it on. Then before anyone at Satit Kaset could stop it, nearly every school in the high school wanted to come out and yell and scream for their ajarns.
In the end it was a bonding moment for the entire building. Some of the oddest things happen when you work with young people.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Husker News

Hey would like to get behind a real important movement in Nebraska and that of course is the drive for a championship of one very deserving member of our grid iron team.
Lincoln – Nebraska cheerleader Anne Marie Rye will represent the Huskers and the Big 12 Conference in the final round of this year’s Athlon Sports Sideline Spirit contest. Voting for the final round begins on Saturday, Dec. 1 at midnight and will run through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 21. No registration is necessary to vote and there is no limit to the number of times a person can vote. Want to vote, click on the title above and place our vote. I might add, don't look at the University of Cincinatte girl, because she might change your opinion, but instead stay focused and vote.

Oh and in some other Nebraska news Bo Pelini has been named the new head coach of our beloved HUSKERS! God speed Bo Pelini, we need a championship in 2008! This selection is really a good one as he is a defense first style of coach. Lord knows we need defense after the season we just had. Good luck!