Sunday, November 30, 2008

Husker Magic at the End

It was a very well played game by both teams. CU brought more than I expected in this boarder war. The series totals certainly doesn't show it, but CU always plays the Huskers tough. This game was so close it took a school record to get the Huskers on top. But the icing on the cake was a 300 pound Defense Tackle smacking a quarterback in the mouth and walking into the end zone. Well done HUSKERS.

Look out Big 12 conference, we will be back!

An 8-4 finish and a BIG TIME BOWL GAME for the BIG RED. What a difference a BO makes. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PAD close the international airport

The PAD has struck their biggest blow against the government. This will force the hand of the government one way or the other and so truly, tension is rising. By shutting down the international airport they have blocked the travel of tourists and Thai people alike. It is time for the government to act, and in my opinion, to take the action of stepping down.

It is a scary time right now for everyone, but the yellow PAD is well organized, well protected, and seem resolute in bringing about change. True peaceful demonstrations continue, and I believe if they can continue to disrupt in a truly peaceful fashion they must be respected and heard. FIGHT ON YELLOW SHIRTS!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thailand is in Political Turmoil

Please click on the title for up to date information about all the political unrest in Thailand. The PAD, truly are beginning to win this peaceful war on the government of Thailand. Often the western media portrays them as trouble makers, which makes me sick. These people are risking everything, they are giving up their time and for many their income to fight against one of the most corrupt leaders in the history of this nation. They are patriots, right or wrong, and truly believe in changing their nation by peaceful protest. Westerners stay out of this issue! You don't understand that they are trying to remove, from now forward, the powerful families who have put this nation in a strangle hold of bribery and corruption. 

So long as they can do it peacefully, my admiration and respect go to the PAD. Fight on Yellow shirts, change is coming. 

Thanksgiving in the United States

vs. Colorado

Series history (46-18-2)

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, and although I am far away from the turkey, stuffing, beer, and football, I am very excited about the coming show down between my rebuilding Huskers and the hated Colorado Buffalo. My family is from Colorado, so this is not about hating one of the best states in the union. I love Colorado, it was my home for 12 years. But, I am a CSU fan when it comes to Colorado. The evil trust fund babies of the CU clan have long detested my midwestern rooted Huskers and this rancor has turned to a mutual dislike for most big red fans. 

We are not the big red of old, but with Bo coaching our current team it is obvious that we are going to rebuild and we are going to improve. I think the buffalo chips are headed for an old fashioned HUSKER thumping. 



Colorado 13

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey, a few fans, not that there are many or anything, but those that do check it out once in a while, have been asking me two questions. 1st why don't you offer movie reviews and suggestions, since you've been teaching script writing and movie analysis for 15 years. 2nd what was your musical preferences of the past and why did you listen to that crap?

So let me be honest, life in Thailand on a daily basis is sort of like that Twilight zone episode where the guy gets everything he wants all the time until he realizes maybe he is not in heaven. This is not a place with a lot of struggle, although politically things are heating up a bit. So I think I will try to sprinkle into my Thailand stories, some blasts from my past musically, and some film critics and suggestions. I know, everyone reviews movies, well yeah, but most of them are idiots.

So here is my first selection. A song that I absolutely loved in the 80's and a song that might remind you of the more energetic and somewhat innocent sounds of the 80's.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sukhum's Cousin's Noodle Factory

Have you ever wondered how we get all those delicious noodles. In Thailand one of the primary staples of our diet is noodles. We of course have rice, but many Thai people eat noodles far more often than rice. The primary reason for noodle popularity is availabilty and price. A bowl of noodles in a soup, with some pork balls or fish balls tossed in for nutrition is only about $.70 and adding lots of peppers and hot sauce is free. We eat noodles here to fill you up cheap, but in truth they are a delicious part of most Thai people's diet. In Thai we say, COAT DE O, to order noodles.