Friday, March 27, 2015

World of the Deathstick has joined WEB TOON


BEST SEEN ON YOUR PHONE! Web Toon is a BEAUTIFUL format for looking at comics and I'm excited to offer chapter 1 of WORLD OF THE DEATHSTICK on there now. Please go read chapter one on your iPad, iPhone or Android phone and give us some high rankings.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Astropath SHORT FILM

The short explores the guilt faced by Setthapong a character in THE JOURNEYS OF THE ASTROPATHS series. Setthapong has gone through the trials of the astropath wars and just wants to be left alone, but when you have special abilities life is not always so easy.

Please enjoy this short film. We enjoyed making it.


BOOYA BKK ACTING TEAM is a wonderful group of people learning together about drama, film making and the elements of storytelling. We focus on having a good time, but are attempting to develop better and better short films and hopefully coming soon a feature film to showcase our talents. Here are some glimpses of our workshops and some of our hard working talent. 

INTERESTED IN JOINING? Contact me and you are welcome to come by a workshop.