Monday, January 22, 2007

Computer Virus

Computer virus. What an apt term, what a superb metaphor for the things which corrupt our computers to the point where they go from being bogged down with the triviality of their functions until they are completely shut down with crippling technological disease. When my friend Mod arrived to save my laptops life he quickly keyed in a few commands and then, smiling widely as if he was a doctor looking under a beautiful woman’s shirt, announced to me: “Just over 2000 viruses found. Really a miracle the thing still turns on at all.”
I once lost a friend because they received an email from me, which of course wasn’t from me, but it had been sent from my email address somehow. He opened the file expecting news from Thailand and got instead ‘BOOM you’re computer is now infected.’ Now at the time when this happened I thought he was very irrational and over reacting to this. I mean come on, I didn’t send it and just because some one hacked me and it went to him in my name why would he be so upset with me? Now, not that I have anyone to blame, but I can better feel the rage.
So as I am lucky enough to have a friend like Mod to come and fix my sick laptop and now I can once again attempt to get back to the business of writing, blogging, and so forth.
My next project will to be to find an agent for my YA fantasy piece called THOSE WHO HEAR. This one is difficult to write a query for because it is such a unique idea. I must take my time to explain the concept of Astropaths and the plot of my story to the editor, while staying within the 1 page limit everyone tells you to use in a query. This story is the one everyone I share it with say, “This is your best work,” but it is also the one I’ve never been able to get read by any agents. It is time to challenge myself to try again.
By the way an ASTROPATH is a person who has a telepathically advanced mind and who can, because of their advanced mental capacity, transport themselves to any location – similar to transcendental meditation.