Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Cash Rules Everything Around ME!
I hate to admit the CREAM reality, but it is a certainty on the planet Earth. I used to think it was an American thing, but their just the people who developed it, believe in it the most, and worship the philosophy with the least amount of questioning. Sadly its hard to find a heretic within the USA who would say some how we lost our way. "It's all about the green." "No money no honey." "You either have jack or get jack." And we could list a hundred or so other cash money slogans.

So what is so vital? What is so critical that everyone on the planet is working themselves to death? Flat screen TVs SIM! Bigger SUVs SIM! Italian leather shoes to go with my Italian leather couch designed by some closet heterosexual who looks through his intro to art appreciation text books to find, from something originally created with heart, the next new fad.

Well so what? It is the reality of the world's pernicious matrix, the one we created or at least inherited, and in truth it is inevitable. We need $.$$ in order to function. For the creative or artist set we are born to a life of poverty and I'm usually okay with that, but there are times when I must say that the CREAM begins to sour! There are times when it just stinks!

So you are flush and fine, you could always throw a little my way with a simple visit to my favorite nation in the world. Click the TITLE above and visit my nation!