Friday, November 2, 2007

Henry Miller Rocks

Yo, this is HENRY MILLER and he was a writer who lived to write and wrote to express life. I have always really loved his work. I guess as a teacher of writing and a writer myself, I am often thinking about the process of writing. What is really important? What is really quality? What is from the heart and what is produced from the brains ability to form and craft.

I think Henry was a man who had the carnal nature which drove him, selfishly, to chase the things which made him happy. He was a man obsessed with the moment -- the great one -- the human ones. And in this obsession he found brilliance.

Students often ask me, "how can I become a better writer." The answer is simple. "Read and write more often! Then LIVE and find stories to write about by living."

I know ECHO POOL is primarily autobiographical, as I practice what I preach and write about what I know and what I have experienced. I think I learned a great deal of this philosophy from Henry.

If you want to learn about his life, travels, and loves, check out this film! Then READ HIS WORK! Click the title for a link to this film and how to see it. I promise you'll see a side to a writer that you aren't expecting!