Monday, March 30, 2009

Chris and Koi's Magical Night

I met Chris about 7 years ago when I first came to Thailand. He and his crew of friends were a big reason I chose to live in this country. I mean they were so friendly and so welcoming to me I found myself feeling at home within months of moving here. Over the past 7 years this group has been my support and teachers about this kingdom. I'm so happy for he and Koi, she's a special lady and they deserve the happiness they have found together. 

It was a crazy night of old friends, families, three live bands, John singing some of his hits, wine, and in the end Tequila. Yikes!

I really apologize for the sound quality, especially for John who is a professional singer and star here in the Kingdom of Thailand, but my camera is just a little point and shoot so his voice is not done any justice. I will say it sounded great live.

Congrats to the bride and groom! Best of luck and all the love!