Monday, August 10, 2009


Oddly it seems there are a slew of birthdays this time of year. July and August seem to be filled with birthdays and of course they are filling my social calendar. I myself am often a bit sad around these symbolic days as lets face it, birthdays might as well be called the markers of the reverse or anti-calendar. We count from 1 to some undetermined number, perhaps 70 or 71, while acting cheerful about the gloomy reality of these numbers. We are doing a countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7... all the way to our oblivion; however, we are doing it HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Happy 50th Birthday, happy 60th birthday, and let's face it our jubilance subsides with each one to a point where we are just barely clinging to our existence like a grasshopper on a windshield wiper of a truck going 85. Anyway, happy birthday to SPEEDY, MOD, TED (Curtis), Sister Judy, Sister Cindy, Linz, and everyone else that is slipping my mind right now.