Monday, November 2, 2009

Nebraska Football's 2 greatest knights

Husker football is making me sleepy again here in Thailand. The games are usually on at about midnight Saturday night for me. I tune them in on the internet and scream and yell and get all fired up and then usually can't sleep when the game ends at about 3:30 or so in the morning. Over all the season has been disappointing. We are only 5-3 after controlling 7 of our 8 games almost completely, but finding a way to lose 2 more games than we should have. Our offense is the worst I can remember, but there is a reason I can't stop watching these games and that can be simply summed up with two words, CRICK and SUH! Not since the Peter brothers who played for the Huskers in the 90's glory days have we enjoyed such hard hitting and fast defense linemen. They don't just create pressure for the quarterback to worry about, they get sacks, tip passes, create fumbles, and wear down offensive linemen. The create holding penalties, disrupt the passing flow of every QB and crush running backs who dare to run inside. Suh is the most amazing player we've had in years, but when the double and triple teaming happens it opens the door for Crick to be great and last week against Baylor he was amazing with 5 sacks.  I know our offense is horrible so far, but its beautiful to watch a defense like this. I can't get enough. Bring on Oklahoma, we may not get a win, but we are sure going to have some BIG HITS!