Monday, February 22, 2010

Pat and Poom Wedding Part 1

Saturday February 20th, in the month of love, two of my closest friends in Bangkok decided to make it official and get married. We have all known, for a long time, that this union would be a special one. The wedding was held at an amazing Thai traditional venue and the feeling of love filled the air. Both Pat and Poom are very social people by both nature and occupation, so it was not surprising the guests were numerous and lively. Of course, when you offer an open bar with Jack Daniels, vodka and red wine, you will certainly draw a crowd. But truthfully, everyone was there to support and celebrate with this lovely couple. I have spent the last 8 New Years Eves with Pat and the last 4 with Poom, it is one of my favorite traditions. Now I'm excited that we have an anniversary to celebrate as well. I'll put together some video to follow in the coming days. Congratulations to Poom and Pat!