Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MOM Siminoe WINS Service Award from UNSTA-NCTA

Elaine Simionoe Receiving her Service Award.

When I called MOM to ask her about this award she was very humble saying that she probably did not deserve it, but it was very nice of them to choose her. She said it is great to see all of the growth happening at the Curtis campus. Certainly Dad would have been very proud to see his school growing. For those who don't know, Bill Siminoe was the first Dean of University of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture which was best known as UNSTA. Bill was in charge there for 27 years and built the foundation for this agriculture based branch of the University of Nebraska. I grew up on this campus and if I was to sum it up I would describe it as the place where farm and ranch kids could come to learn about modern techniques in their field. It was a splendid place to grow up and it is wonderful to see that my father's hard work and dream is still alive.