Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Movie Premier December 13th

I guess in the end everything came together and this was a chance for all of us to celebrate this achievement. It was a splendid night of seeing friends, but I must admit I was so stressed to see the editing decisions that at times I could barely watch. I would have edited it differently, no doubt, but in the end I think we tied it all together pretty well. Here are some photos of the evening. BUT, I must say one editing decision baffled me, near the end of the film our 3 sexy ladies enter a van, the scene that took place in the van was hot--a cat fight between 2 Thai girls and a Japanese super model. But after the editing we only saw them enter the van. I know the action around the van was fast paced and most important, but I was still disappointed to not see the two Thai girls rough up the Japanese beauty.