Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 and FILMS in the works

Just as 2010 finished with the release of Bangkok Knockout, 2011 has begun with the development of 2 film projects. 1 film I have written for Panna Rittikrai who is ready to direct his next film this year and it will be a brilliant exploration of Thailand and of Thai ACTION, but I have to withhold the title of this piece as it is a property of Sahamongcolfilm International at this point.

But FIGHTING FATE is the working title of our independent film and this is a film I am very excited to be both writing and co-producing. I'll be working with Nonthakorn Thaweesuk who will direct the piece. He has been in the film industry for 8 years working as an editor, director of photography, and a director. His experience and vision will offer a great deal to FIGHTING FATE.

We will have many of the action stars of BANGKOK KNOCKOUT involved in this piece, but as it is a romantic action story we have gone out and found the best FEMALE ACTION STAR we could find. Nui Kessarin will be joining us in this project as our leading lady. Please check out her martial arts and dance talents. I couldn't be more excited about this film. If you have any interest in investing we are going to be looking for both corporate sponsorship and individual investment so contact me.