Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As things are coming together for my film FIGHTING FATE, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle has been working along side me to make it happen. Porsche, or as he is known by his buddies here in Thailand, Boad, is our leading man. He was the star of Bangkok Knockout and is anxious to prove he is more than just a stunt man. Acting coach Speedy Arnold will be working to polish his dramatic presence and considering his action ability this should create something very special.

He and I are bound together by one piece of bad fate, both of our father's died of lung cancer after lives of smoking. Maybe this tragic fact has brought us together.

I think movie fans are going to see that Porsche is a talent with a very big future. His father was an action star and his mother was an actress, so he has a pedigree and understanding of the sacrifice and hard work it takes in this business.

Get ready for Porsche playing an Interpol agent who returns to Bangkok to avenge the death of his mentor. Lucky for him, his mentor's daughter is being played by Nui Kessarin.