Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rain 2012 BANGKOK

It's the blessed time when the summer heat in Bangkok finally breaks to the rainy season. Of course when the earth has been being baked with 100% temperatures for days on end the problem is the water, when it falls, can not penetrate so it begins to roll.

The flood of 2011 was a wake up call to those of us in one of the world's biggest sea level cities. I shot this video 2 days before I was driven from my home for 3 weeks. Global warming or government mismanagement of water flow, 2011 was an economic nightmare and an emotionally draining event that put us all in survival mode.

I love the rain, but I must say I'll be keeping a keen eye on the level of water in my streets. If the floods come again can someone please  rent me a couch or guest room at a REALLY LOW PRICE.