Monday, October 22, 2012

Tutoring and Teaching in Thailand

So the wave of foreign workers to Thailand has been swelling for years. Now it is actually very rare, while in Bangkok, to go out somewhere and not see a foreigner who lives here. When I first came, nearly a decade ago, it was so rare to see other westerners around the city of Bangkok, but now there are really no areas of the city that are foreigner free. When I cam back then usually the foreigners I met were business people who were importing or exporting goods, but now the city is a wash with foreign teachers.

There is plenty of work in education here as a new fervor to learn English has brought Americans, English, and Australians and the Thai people's desire to learn Chinese and Korean has brought teachers from these nations. Thai people firmly believe you should learn a language from a native speaker. So jobs are here, but the pay for these jobs is held in check because of the numerous teachers looking for a break from their home country and a life here in Thailand.

Most teachers pay here is not bad considering the cost of living, but what you'll find is that it doesn't have much growth potential. Thai schools have a very different idea about raises than western schools. So most of us end up supplementing our income with tutoring.

I am selective about my tutoring and prefer to write or work in film for extra money, but if an exceptional case comes along I will consider it. It's fun to work with successful people who are looking to improve their edge as the world today operates, more and more, in English.
Anchisa, the lovely young lady in the first photo is currently studying in Harvard. Mai the proud gentleman using his only day off to come study with me, is a VP for  Dumex Thailand. Thailand's leading baby food and child supplement company.
Teaching in Thailand is very rewarding, students are respectful and happy to learn. You won't get rich, but the environment is relaxing and the living is easy.