Friday, April 3, 2015


                          Kaew and I work on her scene while Pookie prepares behind us. 

So many years ago I began this blog with the idea of writing about the unusual life I decided on by leaving the United States for a life in Thailand. Many years have passed and all the crazy things about Thailand and it's amazing culture have sort of become everyday to me. I notice my early blogs are really about this country, it's people and culture and that has fallen off to a point where my blog kind of dried up.

I think in general blogs have been hit hard by the Facebook timelines and LINE timeline kind of stuff and perhaps as I have been focused on promoting my comics and film team on FB and Instagram and thus my blog has fallen into attic dust and cobwebs.

So a change of FOCUS is absolutely required. I still will write, on occasion, about the unique life I lead here as an expat; however, I intend to focus more on the creative projects I'm involved in, my teaching/students, my interests, and whatever the hell else pops into my head IT'S MY BLOG so eclectic should be expected.