Saturday, August 13, 2016

Thailand's PEACE broken by COWARDICE

Democracy is a tricky business, with the key word being business.

Living in Thailand has greatly increased my happiness quotient, I am rarely stressed as people here find lovely ways to avoid becoming too serious, and I am rarely on edge for the potential of violence. As an American I've always lived with the idea that random acts of violence can occur at anytime and anywhere. My nation's headlines read like a civil war, with body counts eclipsing many wars from other parts of the world. It's rare to meet an American who hasn't been affected by violence in their school or community in some form or another. But maybe, when all is said and done, we learn what to look for, what might be coming and we anticipate, defuse, avoid and survive with skills acquired  in our public schools' locker rooms and lunchrooms.

But there is no preparation or martial arts training that can defend you from the cowardice and senselessness of random acts of  violence done with explosives from a remote location. Victims are unlucky, they are not targeted so much as snared in a net set to splash headlines and video screens crimson; and the bodies that lay broken in frame are nothing more than a means to their delusional end.

The road going forward for Thailand will be difficult, but this Kingdom is -- and perhaps this is it's greatest strength -- resilient. Residents of  Thailand will begin the process of justice, rebuilding and moving towards the future with all the love and positivity that I have grown to respect over my many years living here.