Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#malllife #Thailand #BKK It's always cool in a Thai mall

I'm not sure what mall life is like in most countries, but in Thailand it is a culture of indulgence, beauty, socializing, business meeting, time killing, fine dining, easy dining, exercise, movie watching, dog walking, coffee drinking and well everything to put a smile on patrons faces and a fortune in the pockets of the stockholders of these establishments.

Bangkok malls are massive. A standard size would be four floors, although many have six, and they usually stretch for blocks and blocks.

When you go to the mall expect to be stared at if you don't dress up a little. Thai women might spend more time getting ready to go to the mall than they would getting ready to go to work. Thai men also dress to impress, especially in the posh malls like Festival Eastville.

As an American I know malls are a place you buy things and get out, but in fact in Thailand most people enjoy spending their time there in free air-conditioned luxury and either buying stuff or spending time. If you're visiting Thailand give yourself a day to visit our amazing malls!