Monday, October 22, 2007

New Species of Fish Found in Asia

A box fish in the coral triangle off the coast of the Philippines. (click on title for link for entire story)

This amazing photo has cheered me up a little bit on this dreary Monday morning. On my drive to work, just a ten minute little commute, I was listening to the English language global news. Often times I forbid myself from doing this as it tends to ruin my day, but I was just curious what was going on out there on planet Earth so I just couldn't bring myself to kick in my Wu Tang DVD and roll on.

Of course there is news of an explosion that killed over 100 people, fighting in north Iraq between Christians and Muslims, protests in Tibet as the Chinese continue to crack down on their freedoms, violence in Africa, and tension rising between the US and CHINA because of Myanmar, trade disagreements, and Tibet. No matter what magical realms still exist on our remarkable planet, HUMAN NATURE seems bent on destruction. Man can not possibly hope to be the dominant species on the planet into the next millennium because someone will have figured out how to destroy what's left of our ozone layer and sell off laser shield protection to nations that can afford it, like Saudi Arabia or Japan, and all the poor nations are going to get fried. Thailand will have to bring back Taksin just so he can flip the bill for this. Then, finally after everyone realizes the truth is there will never be enough cash to satisfy human greed, people will turn on these ozone killers and kill them. Sadly, as a side note, they will have destroyed the instrument that could have saved them from the harmful rays of the sun and in victory they will fry as the sun sets on man kind permanently.

I'm betting on FISH to be the dominant species into the future. Like Box Head up here, beautiful and probably -- with that big square brain of his -- smarter than us.