Monday, October 15, 2007

One of the world's finest KINOKUNIYA is on board

The final big hitter of Thailand's Book world has ordered ECHO POOL! This was great news as I had heard months ago that Kinokuniya Singapore already had the novel, and so I was a bit frustrated that the Bangkok branches didn't. Let's face it this is the little giant of Bangkok. It only has 3 locations, but come on, the two best book stores in Bangkok are in the Emporium and in Paragon, and these are both Kinokuniya.

I'm honored that they have decided to give ECHO POOL a bit of shelf space. They should be there by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Still haven't got a copy? Got to Kinokuniya and show them some support. Also, if you haven't ordered one on line, click on the title above for an easy payment gateway.