Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama gives US a grand opportunity

The other day I met my good friend Mark for a coffee and a chat. Mark is Irish and visits Thailand to write and enjoy himself before the chilly winters of Dublin begin. He is putting the finishing touches on his PhD in French Philosophy, and is especially interested in the United States because many of the ideals that Americans hold as base values today, actually come from the French revolutionaries who preceded the construct of the U.S. I guess an obvious and natural curiosity would be here, because as a historian it is always fun to look back at ideas and see if they came to be fulfilled and fully developed. 

Mark admitted he, like most Europeans, were shocked when 4 years ago the American people did not get rid of George Bush. He said it was a huge disappointment to most of the world. The thing is, America is no longer the educational power it was, technological power, or manufacturer was, but it is still a massive economy and military power. In essence the world watches our elections and hopes that those of us with the privilege to chose this world leader will chose one that can bring our nation forward and in essence bring the world forward.

Here is the thing, we as Americans have a massive opportunity here to elect a man of color to the greatest office in our government. We can LEAD AGAIN, by proving we actually value some of the words which are written in our great documents -- such as "all men are created equal" -- and we can show the world that we are not afraid of CHANGE! 

By the year 2040 white America will lose its majority standing. That is still a long ways off, but that doesn't mean that white America can not benefit from a leader who is not white. This is a man who has studied hard the historical baggage of our nation, felt it first hand, and followed the fundamental beliefs of our nation all the way to this point.

Can we then, as a people, take the next step with him? Can we look past a name and a color that is not the same as every leader who has come before? 

What an opportunity to show that WE CAN! In truth, we must. At every turn during the past 8 years we have marginalized people's from around the world by our extreme politics. While our leadership has been unwilling to change, grow, and accept a new leadership in the world, enemies have flourished and been able to recruit at record levels. Peace, and partnership reigns across Europe now and yet still we separate, draw lines in the sand, and make demands on nations we don't understand. 

Let's take a step toward global leadership. Let's find a way to bridge gaps with nations who fear and don't believe we are truly an integrated nation who stand for peace and economic growth. In my opinion, Obama is the answer to this.

Obama for president!