Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a CHANGE

I'm very tired of the right-wing, trickle down Republicans saying that none of the mess we are in now is G.W.'s fault. As my father once said, sometimes people can't see the wall in front of their face until they smash into it. I thought having a never ending war, a collapsed economy, less individual freedoms as people, and a national deficit was wall enough; however, there are still those who believe we must protect the big business men who will protect the rest of us. I say screw the rich! I say help the farmers! I say help the middle class! I'm sick of the big business game plan which always seems so eager to send the poor and middle class boys and girls off to fight for property rights and oil drilling sights. You can color shit anyway you want to it still smells like shit and if you really want to make sure my Republican brothers, take a bite and be sure it tastes like it to. 

NO MORE YEARS of the BUSH linage.

I am casting my proxy for OBAMA!