Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The night of the Smiling MOON

It was the night of the smiling moon. December 1st Bangkokians rushed to their rooftops and backyards to check out an amazing event. Venus and Jupiter aligned just above a sliver moon and a smiling face peered down over a very troubled land of smiles. 

Things have gotten worse here. The PAD in an act of desperation has lain siege to the two primary airports of the city and blocked all travel in and out. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers have been stranded and even more than that have been blocked from returning to Bangkok. The PAD is trying to get rid of a tyrant, Taksin, who has pulled the strings of Thai government with bribery and political blackmail for years -- even thought officially he is a convicted criminal in exile -- he still has a lot of power here. I understand that the PAD stands against a government filled with corruption, but is this the way to do it? Now cancellations of tourists and business travelers are swamping local hotels, and my good friend at Bandara Resorts where I do some free lance copy writing, has basically informed me that they have had massive set backs for the next 6 months. 

The global economy is in turmoil and a nation like Thailand does not have the resources to offer infusion packages and bail out plans. That is a lie only the big nations can tell. So this gamble by the PAD to force something to happen just may come back to haunt them. I must say I agree with their political ideals and hopes. I respect their sacrifice. I am just very concerned that now, even if they win, they may have coast the Thai people any hope of a decent economy in the coming 2 years. Sometimes in winning the battle we lose the war. Let's hope there is a result, a leader who can join this two factions and connect the Thai people again.