Friday, October 29, 2010

Bangkok Knockout! Promotional Event!

So it was nearly 6 months ago that I was asked to come on board and write the dramatic scenes for a film that had stalled out in mid production. At the time I saw it as a project that would be a blast. When I was a kid I grew up watching Hong Kong Action films and was, like most of my generation, awed by the amazing skills and power of BRUCE LEE. When Punna called and asked for my help I was surprised when he said, "We've already shot 80% of the action, but we need you to write the entire story." What? What? You've done what? But you need what?

The action was so good he couldn't leave this stuff on the cutting room floor so my task was to not only create a story that might appeal to both a Thai and an international audience, but to make sure and weave the story around action scenes that had already been shot.

I thought my eyes were going to pop out as I finished watching the action scenes for about the 30th time. Finally I had an idea and went to work.

What we came up with is Bangkok Knockout! 

What I have taken from the experience is one of the toughest writing challenges of my life, one of the most eye opening about film and where I may play a part in it in the future, and most importantly a FAMILY atmosphere with Punna's Team that made me feel as if I had found home. After all Punna is from the rice fields of North East Thailand and I am from the corn fields of rural Nebraska. 

Check out this promotional video and COME OUT and see BANGKOK KNOCKOUT coming to theaters all over Thailand December 16th