Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A graphic novel version of The Journey of the Astropaths series

Free Online Comic Version of the Astropaths

So after a number of young people read my YA modern fantasy novel The Ones Who Hear, the resounding thing I heard was, 'you should turn this into a comic or manga.' I was approached a few years back about doing this and dismissed it at the time, but always thought it would be a great idea. Then I began searching for artists who could bring this series to life. It was difficult and expensive because my artists would come and get into it and we would begin rolling along and then they would either get hired away for more money or have life take away their time. Three artists later I found Mr. Mostafa Zaki. 

Max and I went to work at first on the comic and then we switched to having him illustrate the reprinting of The Ones Who Hear. He really brought to life my characters for the book and I knew as soon as the book was published we needed to start the comic again and get it out there. So here we go. We are simply doing this to spread the story of the Astropaths and let people enjoy. The comic is FREE on line and updating as often as I can find the cash to pay Mr. Zaki.

Here is an example of one of his illustrations.