Thursday, November 14, 2013 is a FREE online comic by Jonathon Siminoe

In my life there has been stories that I immersed myself in during troubled times. In my rather tumultuous and at times tragic teen years, I lost myself in the fantasy worlds of authors such as Robert Howard, Ray Bradbury, Heinlein, C.S. Louis, Arthur C. Clark, Philip K. Dick, and Tolkien. When I spent a lonely summer in Fort Collins Colorado, just after high school, I took a number of long scribblings from my high school notebooks--notebooks I filled with stories instead of notes--and comprised a hand written (yes we once wrote by pen) novel entitled, THE WORLD OF THE DEATHSTICK.  This 300 plus page effort was thrown in a drawer and seldom thought about during the past twenty five years. But I often thought about the basic concept of this story, a world in which the God of Death gave the world a plant that when picked, dried and rooted, can fire a ball of fire from the seeds within the stock that will stop the heart of anything it touches.

So recently when I began a graphic novel version of my novel The Ones Who Hear. I decided why not breath new life into this old story. My clumsy teenage prose would be better served as a comic book anyway, so I began searching for an artist that would work with me to develop this project.

So I want to give this comic away. I will keep the website up as long as I can afford to and we will add pages every week to continue the story. Please come and ENJOY it free, fantasy and and msg free.