Tuesday, June 2, 2015


We all make decisions in our life. Working as a teacher for nearly 20 years now, I get so inspired by my students having a creative drive and a sense of accomplishment from projects purely endeavored for their own self growth; however, the reality of our world today is one of financial need. As the cost of living continues to rise, even here in Thailand, how much income do we need to survive? Artists, like myself, can find it tough going when financial troubles come. So I try to explain to my students, who feel great doing their particular art form, that very few writers, painters, film makers, sculptors, musicians, actors, etc. ever truly stand on their own feet from their art. This can be disheartening for a young person to hear, but as the saying goes, "it's not the way I made it, but it is the way it is."

My suggestion to all those who need a creative outlet is this: 1. Join a group of like minded people who are also crazy about whatever it is that you are. This is easy in some neighborhoods but probably your best bet to find these people will be on internet chat sites. 2. Find a career that allows you to be creative, even if its is only occasionally. 3. Share your creativity with others, because I've found creative people who are ready to explode with the poke of a dull ink pen because they haven't gotten this god-given gift out to the world around them. i.e. fan fiction, fan art, blogging, karaoke night, open mic. etc. In other words stop feeling sorry for your underexposed creative growth and thrust yourself out into the sunlight and DO SOMETHING!

So if you have a really COOL ARTISTIC HOBBY what are you doing?
Send me siminoe@gmail..com a picture or sample of your work and I'll toss it up on my little blog.
I would love to feature your stuff, so BRING IT ON.