Tuesday, June 16, 2015



     Please consider helping these amazing workers and lovely children. My student asked me to help with the video element of her project to raise money for this wonderful facility. I wasn't looking forward to the visit, I was busy, and a bit nervous about being around children suffering from such harsh circumstances. But what was amazing is how happy these children were, how generous they were with their smiles and how excited they were to be filmed.
     I was mobbed with infants and children desperate to be held and anxious to share anything they had with me. It was extremely hot in the center and the students were enjoy some ice with some syrup as their afternoon snack. One boy insisted on bringing me a spoon full of ice telling me I looked hot and he could cool me down.
     When the day winded down and my good friend James was putting up the camera, it was really hard to leave. I am looking forward to returning and hope people can find a way to help us help them.