Friday, July 10, 2015

One small MOONBOW


So Alberto my WORLD  OF THE DEATHSTICK artist and I decided to join the Webtoons SCI-FI contest, but of course neither of us had time for this. The contest was slammed with nearly 100 great comics competing for a grand prize of $30,000 dollars. We artists are a poor lot and no one should wave such a carrot in front of us, nearly everyone took the month off from their usual production to take their talents into space.

We got off to a slow start and by the time other comics had acquired multiple votes we were still trying to get up our first batch of pages.

Sadly I really like the character we created, and when I say we I mean Alberto, with my only really telling attribute being the electric pulse between his protruding antennas.

We did not make it into the round of 16,  but I am leaving it up on WEBTOONS for a while while we figure out what to do with it.

CLICK THE LINK and check out what we were able to finish.