Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wong Fu from YOUTUBE channel to Indeagogo funded Vimeo feature

Wong Fu's First Feature

     So if your not familiar with Wong Fu's Youtube channel then you probably don't enjoy short films because they have been producing good little romantic comedies for many years now. The interesting thing here is about the process Wong Fu is going through. There videos get millions of hits, they have thousands of fans and now they are putting their style and method to work on a feature. I can't speak to whether the film is good or not, although I usually enjoy their short films so I would expect that this is good, but I think we may be seeing the future of independent film.
     Not so many years ago the only way to work in film was to pay your does in major studios and hope your networking skills and actual creative skills found the illusive opportunity those studios offered. But with many independent productions rivaling and exceeding some of the studio produced work the industry just may be about to change. It won't happen over night, because the studio money allows them to cast STARS and these actors mean dollars at the box office and anything that releases to internet sales will not see box office at all. Still with extremely reduced filming budgets the need for huge returns are not there; furthermore, Vimeo is offering film makers outside the studio system to show what they can do with very little and perhaps they will end up absorbed by those studios in much the same way TV directors were back a few decades ago.
     I think it is very interesting and I am really curious just how productions like this may be paving the way for independent film makers all over the world.