Thursday, October 6, 2016

Starbucks Sucks BUT

Starbucks SUCKS, that goes without saying, the over priced self proclaimed kings of coffee have always reminded me of the evil empire that dictates what coffee is priced around the city and what is the standard for coffee quality. Living in Bangkok it's even worse, the cost allows the hi-so or want-to-be hi-so to show their latest name-brand bag or shoes to the other social climbers or cling-ons, while everyone else walks by the windows of the shop thinking to themselves, 'what is it like in there? What could it be like to spend for a coffee, what we spend for 4 bowls of noodles?' 

But I must say Starbucks travel mugs are amazing. I can't believe how well insulated this thing is. I left my hot coffee in this gifted, nearly re-gifted, mug and six hours later remembered I had coffee in it. That coffee, which trust me I brewed myself at home and did not purchase in an evil witch empowered caffeine dealership, was still HOT. 

So sorry friends what can I say Starbucks mugs, a favorite of my students gifts to me and my re-gifts to everyone, will probably be kept now. Who doesn't need something that keeps things hot and cold. #Starbuckssucks #Coffee #Bangkok #cafeine #Working