Friday, October 7, 2016


It would be joyous to announce that my wealth has grown so much that the money clip which holds all of my cash has BURST from the pressure of my mushrooming stash -- truly it would be -- of course money clips usually break from being pressed inward to hold far too few bills.
But when money clips break, God provides a paper clip -- a green one no less -- although in Bangkok the bill of choice is WHITE.  And actually there are no green bills at all. That's not it, that's not it at all. Sorry reading T.S. Eliot with my students.

It's a sad day because a favorite student gave me this money clip 3 years ago and it's a reminder of the fragility of all things. In life we have only what is within us, because let's face it, everything has an expiration date. These aren't the cheeriest things to hear on a Friday, Christ the #Millennials may weep into their ever present Cel screen and have memories of a day their battery didn't charge or their emoji account ran out of credits or their button finger errant send that link to Jenny instead of Samantha or Lashan.

Point is, in the 20's we weren't supposed to cry over spilt milk. In the 50's we were Rebels without causes.  In the 80's we weren't supposed to let our parent's destroy our dreams or keep us from dancing. And now in this age of bug-eyed zombie walkers,  treading in a continuous mindless trance their minds wrapped within their mobile phone, they will simply say, 'you don't get it.' But perhaps Cheap Trick was right after all. 'We're all all right. We're all all right.'