Monday, April 9, 2007

Always Something Being SOLD

Again the poor who peddle their wares seemingly everywhere. This girl, smiling as if I'd given her a fortune, claims to be deaf and walks about with a card that says the prices of her little toys and explains that she cannot speak or hear. I say claims to be because actually most of these people are just working a very good system because it is much more difficult to say 'no' to someone who just tilts their head and smiles at you than it is to someone who actually enters into a conversation of broken English or rudimentary Thai. I did buy one of her little toys, just 50 cents, but I guess for me I feel that buying things from people courageous enough to get out there and fight is far better than supporting beggars who just sit with a hand out.
Beaches in Thailand are often swarming with peddlers of food and trinkets, but they are seldom rude. They will walk up and ask if you would like to buy, but they move along if you show now interest. Sometimes though, on my sleepy post sea food feast moments, I just want to sleep and they will walk right up and give your seat a nudge and ask if you want a fresh coconut or a glowing key chain. That can be a bit annoying.