Friday, May 4, 2007


Thailand does not mess around when it comes to commerce. One thing I noticed a few years ago was Thai banks go to amazing lengths in this country to provide CASH for their clients. ATM machines are everywhere. ATM machines, almost without exception, accept every other banks cards, for a small fee (and it is actually small like a few pennys). CASH is so easy to access here in the Kingdom that its just not necessary to carry a lot of money.
Now even traveling cash machines have come to help in any possible gaps the banks might have. This one was located at a new mall outside of the city. The full time machines hadn't been put in yet, so to the rescue comes the CASH van!
Yes the look on my face is not shock, but a look of, "how hard would it be to jump in this van and ROLL?"
HMMMMM... Oh well, I'm not ready for a life of crime just yet. I am curious just how long it will take someone to try it. I'm also curious just how much cash is in the CASH VAN?