Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chiang Dao Fishing

Chiang Dao Thailand a woman fishes for food.

It's like watching a dance as this northern Thai fishing woman scoops from river bottom in search of morsels for dinner. Western folks wouldn't find what she is scooping up all that appetizing--it's nothing but bugs and an occasional frog or tadpole--but for her its a nice little catch which she can trade for her dinner for that night. Most of the local restaurants use bugs, protein rich, to garnish their fish dishes. They fry them mostly and sometimes baste them with a nice sauce.

This woman, probably about 45 years old, smiled for me as I asked her what she was catching and waded over to show me her basket of writhing worms and water bugs. I tried hard not to shutter and look shocked. I had been expecting her to be catching small fish, which she told me on spring days was very easy, but during the heat of the summer the little guys just weren't around.