Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boys will be boys and boys will be Girls?

While sauntering down the hall of Central Lat Plao mall the other day, sipping on a mocha frappe' and minding my own business. My friends and I were nearly run over by a rather attractive young person dressed entirely in pink. One of my friends said: "Wow she was pretty."

I responded, "Yeah, pretty mannish..."

An argument ensued about the gender of this young person and was split 2 to 2. I must admit at first glance this young lady looked attractive; however, there was something about her walk that struck me as odd. We followed and started a conversation with her/him. It wasn't until he said, in an octave two bellow my own, "can I help you." That we knew for sure she was a man!

Point of all this? Drink too much in this country, a land where a sex change costs less than a Mercedes, and you could find yourself in bed with an odd bedfellow--key word fellow.