Thursday, July 12, 2007

The cover we decided against

The design team at Bangkok Book House created several designs for the cover for ECHO POOL. This one, although it is clear that the artist understood a great deal about the storyline of the book, we have decided against. I did appreciate the attempt to give readers a bit of detail about the plot, but in my opinion its too retro and a bit too busy.
We went for a more simple design. It is also more colorful. I worried that this cover, although cool, gives the impression that my novel is a mystery novel or a thriller of some kind. Actually ECHO POOL is a literary novel, so the action doesn't drive the story as much as the introspective narrative attempts to move the reader.
I'm going to wait a few days closer to the release date to show the ACTUAL COVER, but I'm happy with its color and simplicity of theme. I hope the novel will speak for itself.
If any of you who are reading this were ever in my life, you may want to read the novel just to see if you find a character which resembles you. Without a doubt, the characters in this book are people from my life, many of them renamed to protect them, but some of them I didn't even bother to change their names. Also, some of the characters are composites of friends, the humor of someone I know mixed with the life circumstances of someone else, etc. From 2ND grade on to now, the book will take people from my Nebraska days with wild drunken parties; to Colorado days where I studied at University and well wild drunken parties; to Bangkok where of course things are very tame and domestic -- yeah right. Anyway, I'm anxious to see who recognizes whom?
We should be on book shelves by the end of the month. I am beginning to get EXCITED!