Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My new novel has been priced. It appears the dollar, being predicted to further slip against all major currencies, will up the price of the book. In the Kingdom of Thailand ECHO POOL will be selling at 395 Baht. This is a good price for a paper back here. But the international price is going to be at a 30 to 1 dollar exchange rate and so, it will be priced at $13.17 . Only a year ago the price would have been less than eleven dollars, but the buck just doesn't buy much now days. For this reason I am setting up a shipment of the books to the US so I can offer the book at less than full shipping rates. But I will only do this for the first 50 books and then see how bad the shipping rates are.

WANT THE BOOK? Then simply click on the title above and it will take you to a payment gateway where you can use PayPal or a major credit card to purchase the book, with shipping included, for just $15.00. Be sure to leave your mailing address.

This is a special http://www.siminoe.com/ offer which will not last.