Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tis the SEASON for the HUSKERS

Memories! Just seeing memorial stadium brings everything back. Perhaps it is because I left Nebraska and set out to find my fortunes elsewhere, but for me this stadium always means HOME, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and pride. My father was a university of Nebraska employee for 27 years and during that time we had season Check Spellingtickets to the Huskers. I loved going to the games with my Mom and Dad when I was a boy, and then once I was in high school I attended with my friends from Curtis.
The Tom Osborn era was an amazing one to grow up during. Games in the 70's and 80's in this stadium were amazing. 9 and 10 win seasons every year. We didn't win even 1 national title during that stretch but in truth I can only remember losing a hand full of home games. Oklahoma would roll in and beat us, and there was a massive upset where a little known program by the name of Florida State came in and beat us once. We scored two touchdowns and held them to 0 touchdowns, but they hit 5 field goals and beat us. I was shocked! I can honestly say I'd never heard of FSU at this point in their development they were no where.
Then there was the 90's and it all came together with not only great seasons, but seasons which ended with national titles: 3 of them!
But all the winning: big 8 titles, big 12 titles, and even national titles, really sort of pale in comparison to the memories of my friends. The road trip the 4 hours to get to the game, the parties before, during, and after the games. It was amazing to grow up like this! We were lucky!