Friday, September 28, 2007

Burmese courage DESERVES BETTER

The people of Burma have been living with oppression for so long the world around them have just become accustom to the brutality and totalitarian control which they have had to endure. Once again the people are taking to the streets, peacefully, to protest the imprisonment of their elected official and the military control. For nearly 30 years this proud nation has been dragged into a third world existence by the horrific atrocities of it's military government. At times, the west and UN take notice and reprimand the leaders with minor sanctions or harsh words. But NOTHING is being done.
Monks are leading, but they are dieing without even fighting back. These Buddhists monks can not fight, it goes against everything they believe in. They know that they risk being tortured and murdered for standing up against the criminal and brutal leadership which controls them. Still they fight! They fight with prayers, with their courage to stand up and walk through the streets and show the world that they want change. WE DO NOTHING!
If the UN drums up support Russia and China quickly tell the world that this is an internal struggle and these people must sort it out themselves. Internal, allow me to explain, internal in this case mans that China gets their oil from pipelines set up to travel through this country. So China, if you want to play stand by and hands off, let me just say WE (the people of the planet with enough money to pay for things) just might have a STAND OFF policy for your Olympic games! China has the ability to make changes in Burma, but they refuse! So in refusing to save lives and make a difference I say they are a part of the problem.
The entire world needs to do its part to help these citizens find free and safe elections and restore rightful leadership to the nation, but honestly, most of the UN seems to understand that -- China, you need to look at where your leadership just might take you.

LEFT WE SEE GENERALThan Shwe who has ordered the deaths of many of the peaceful protesters. He has, as of today, authorized a more aggressive crack down on any and all protesters. In other words, protesters will be massacred if they show up in the streets again. Things are going to get ugly.